Comprehensive remodelling

Our team takes charge of all the mandatory steps for a complete home remodelling and renovation.

Kitchen remodelling

From the initial design to the last details, we take charge of the whole remodelling job for your kitchen.

Bathroom remodelling

Remodelling your whole bathroom is the way to redesign one of the most used parts of your house and gain comfort.

Interior design

Reformas Disseny helps you design and transform your home so it is perfect for you and your family.

Space design

Optimizing your home’s distribution, we can create the perfect room or space for every need.

Exterior design

Our expert team landscapists and designers will study and project your garden, backyard or terrace.

House refurbishing

We plan the building’s refurbishing from the start, making sure to go through the red tape to get public grants.

Architecture studio

Our professional team helps you plan your home’s renovation, making sure every step is viable.


Our team is formed by skilled builders, technicians and architects that will bring up the house of your dreams.


Our plasterboard systems warrant your home the thermic insulation and acoustic insulation it needs.

Doors and windows

Aluminium and PVC doors and windows to get your home high-quality and efficient joinery.

Custom carpentry

We build custom furniture, separating elements and joinery made especially to fit your home.

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